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Berkeley Does Yet Another Stupid Thing

One has to wonder if they have a sub committee that just comes up with bad ideas.

The city council is currently weighing a proposal that would set aside money to pay for city employees sex change operations. As if that is something tax payer money should be wasted on, especially with all the other attractive options for wasting money out there.

Now its not really any of my business. Given that I don’t live in Berkeley or pay taxes there. On the other hand they do take federal money and that money is money that doesn’t have to come from their resident tax payers so in a way I guess we all pay taxes to Berkeley (and every other city in the country).

Read the story here.

UPDATE: They have postponed the final vote until the 15th of February. One has to wonder if it’s because of public outcry.

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  1. 2011/01/19 at 03:01

    Even with my stances on world, religion and politics, I have to say given only what you’ve written, this is absurd.

  2. 2011/01/19 at 03:11

    Well personally I think you should always take what I say as gospel!

    I’m not sure if they passed the proposal or not, it was at least to be debated yesterday. If/when I find out I’ll post an update. They were talking about 20,000$ for each employee that gets a sex change, with a few stipulations, until the money runs out.

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