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White Pride

It’s always interested me how ‘black pride’ and similar things are considered good, you certainly wouldn’t get sent home from school for wearing a ‘black pride’ t-shirt. Try wearing a ‘white pride’ t-shirt. What do you think would happen then?

Is there any reason why its not permissible to be proud of being white?

I couldn’t care less about race, but I do find things like this interesting and disturbing.

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  1. 2011/01/16 at 23:45

    Obviously if we’re talking about the terms just for what they are, there is no significant difference. But we don’t get to do that. We have the history behind the words. “Black pride”, while sometimes associated with black nationalism, generally means being proud of one’s heritage. And that makes sense. Blacks in America have historically had a common heritage by virtue of being black. “White pride”, on the other hand, denotes pride generally associated with not being black.

  2. 2011/01/20 at 02:51

    It seems to me that celebrating your heritage is always somewhat about not being something else. If they are proud to be black that’s the same thing as saying I’m celebrating not being white, or asian or….

    People need to get over words, and they definitely need to stop ‘revising’ Mark Twain novels.

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