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Tragedy in AZ

Of course we all know it was Sarah Palins fault, a graphic she had (which looks awful similar to one the democrats had in 2004) with targets on certain districts the tea party tried to focus on. So lets get past it, because it isn’t Palins fault, its not Obamas fault and it certainly isn’t the Tea Parties fault. (Still could be Bush’s fault, I’ll have to check The Huffington Post later)

It is this Jared Loughner’s fault though. He pulled the trigger and nearly killed one federal official and did kill a federal judge and a little girl and several others, wounding another 15 (last news report I saw, these numbers flit up and down for a while). Do we really need an over arching theory on how these ideas got into his head? Where are the typical questions about video games and rap music? Was his home life bad? Did his girlfriend recently break up with him and take the dog? As well as all the other typical questions designed to spread blame to those who don’t deserve it.

We do know a few of his favorite books though, Mein Kampf and The Communist Manifesto among them. Still the blame should be on Mr. Loughner not on Karl Marx. Having read both of those, um works, myself I have never once felt the urge to shoot anyone.

Why does society have such a hard time accepting that there are just crazy people out there? Aren’t people just crazy anymore?

What amazes me most, given the state in which this happened, is that no bystander pulled a gun out and shot this guy before he managed to shoot all those people. With that said how long did it take to fire all those rounds? Not long I’m guessing, I could rattle off 50 rounds in no time at all.

So let’s place the blame where it belongs, on the guy who decided all by himself (from what we know) that he would try and assassinate an elected representative.

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  1. 2011/01/09 at 22:13

    (Still could be Bush’s fault, I’ll have to check The Huffington Post later)


  2. 2011/01/10 at 07:39

    Yeah, I have to admit am disgusted by those who are exploiting the tragedy as political ammunition – in a sense they are justifying Loughner’s insane ramblings.

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