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Today we say goodbye to Alan Grayson, a maniac. One of the most liberal house members of the last congress. A man who voted with his party 98.2% of the time. By comparison Nancy Pelosi voted with her party 95.4% of the time. A man who probably believes every ounce of insanity that poured out of his mouth. A man who really needs a padded cell. A man who has mastered the art of evading those giant butterfly nets.

We can rejoice in the fact that this loon is gone the way of the dinosaurs, in the great democratic extinction of 2010.

Lets not forget, liberals, you need to hide who you are. You’ll never stay in office if you really let people know where you stand on issues and show them how dangerous it would be to leave you alone with their pets and children. Its best to speak like you’re in the middle and vote like a crazed meth addict. Not to do everything like a crazed meth addict, people will catch on.

So goodbye Representative Grayson. I’m sure MSNBC or CNN will give you a show. HEY, maybe you can be a regular guest on Olbermans show!

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