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‘Twas weeks before Christmas…..

‘Twas weeks before Christmas, when Congress met,
So eager they were, to pile on the debt;
They knew it was wrong, deep down in their core,
But they just couldn’t resist the urge to spend more;

With constituents distracted by holiday cheer,
Why, this was their chance, to spend more this year;
So the politicians huddled, they plotted, they planned,
$1 trillion, $2 trillion, how much could they scam?

And that’s when it happened, Reid and Pelosi stood up,
“What’s another $2 trillion, the voters are chumps!”
They funded health reform with nary a care,
And once that was done, they didn’t stop there;

“And for those who oppose us,” Reid and Pelosi insist,
“One call to the White House, you’re on the enemies list!”
And so they proceeded with their devilish plans,
Big government to all, constituents be damned.

And then up on the roof, there arose such a clatter,
I sprang to my feet to see what was the matter.
Away to the window, I flew like a flash,
It was Bernanke with six-hundred billion in cash.

My eyes couldn’t believe it, as I stood there freezing,
Ben said Ho, Ho, Ho, I’ve brought quantitative easing.
But I thought, will that help people, from LA to Carolina?
Because for sure, it is going to piss off China.

Okay Ben, I said, although what I was thinking,
Was that this guy had done just a bit too much drinking.
It wasn’t rates or the market that made spending stop,
It was housing prices that did nothing but drop.

Ben said he must go, for he had many stresses,
He had left Santa running his cash printing presses.
I asked him to give Santa my best regards,
But he said all he cared of, was people charging with cards.

Then all of a sudden from out of his sack,
Came Elizabeth Warren, and she gave him a WACK!
“That’s enough Ben,” she said, and her voice was quite stern,
“There’s a few things about people that you need to learn.”

You see Christmas will come, with the sun of tomorrow,
And you’ll see that it’s not about how much you borrow.
Because Christmas is not what is under the tree,
The spirit of Christmas is something that’s free.

I wanted to give Liz a great big loving hug,
I wished we could bottle her up like a drug.
She threw Ben in the back and took off in the sleigh,
Promising to send Santa before the next day.

I called after her, Liz… where will you go from here?
I wanted to offer to share Christmas cheer.
She said she’d be back, in a few hours at most,
She had to visit Geithner’s dreams, as one of three Christmas ghosts.

She said not to worry, Ron Paul will save the day
He’s going to have a most important role to play.
And then came the news that made me quite giddy
Ron Paul would be chairman of the sub-committee

To have oversight over the federal reserve
And Bernanke will get what he so deserves.
Transparency is what we have all been seeking
Ben’s secrets is what Ron Paul will be leaking.

So raise your glasses and toast with holiday cheer
Knowing Bernanke will face what he has long feared.
His misdeeds in the fed will now have oversight,
Merry Christmas to all! Let’s pray all goes right!

Found at: www.wrva.com

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