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My Health Solution

Americans are incredibly charitable people. When it comes to helping others there seems to be no limit. A disproportionate share of the world’s total giving comes from right here, from people who probably could use the money themselves, but choose to give.

You’ll find here a pamphlet published in the 1830’s giving an excellent rational for why the government should not be involved in charity. Stepping over constitutional boundaries to benefit the indignant and those who can’t afford a private commodity, health care, is a fine goal. It is, however, ultimately a power given not to Congress but to the States or the People.

Therefore if Congress wishes to provide charity to people, to provide for private wants and needs, the answer is not to appropriate but to charter. To charter non-profit organizations to collect contributions to give charity to those who need it.

If the main issue is preexisting conditions, than it should be a simple matter to define a preexisting condition and cover just that illness or injury which precludes the individual from getting or maintaining insurance coverage. In the case of those who out right cannot afford it, I am certain the same could be done.

How much could be raised? Would it be enough? I don’t know. If it is truly in the interests of the People than I feel certain the required sum could be raised. Perhaps the Federal Government would even be so kind as to allow contributions, to a limit, to be written off 100% on your year’s tax bill.

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  1. 2011/02/25 at 16:14

    Again, I (and I am confident the gov’t providers of social services and medical care) would be ELATED if the private sector stepped up and resolved these sorts of problems, to the extent that they can be resolved.

    And there’s NOTHING in the world stopping the private sector from doing so. We have the money, we have the resources, we have the people. IF the private sector CHOSE to, they could step up and eliminate the need for gov’t intervention within the year.

    The private sector is not doing so.

    In the meantime, because the American people are generous and don’t wish to see people dying in our streets (and because of the negative costs to society of ignoring these problems) we rightfully expect the gov’t to step up to do what the private sector is unwilling to do.

    Seem reasonable?

  2. 2011/02/25 at 16:51

    No it doesn’t, there are things the government should simply stay out of. There is nothing stopping congress from chartering non-profits to accomplish these tasks and giving favorable tax incentives to make contributions.

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