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I’m currently reading a book called Rollback. It’s outside of my normal reading preferences but I thought I would give it a try.

The plot so far consists of a SETI scientist decoding a message send across the void by an alien race of some kind. The protagonist decodes the message eventually and it turns out to be a questionnaire of sorts on basic morality. The novel skips over most of the decoding process, which is good, it started with numbers and I hate math.

The protagonist points out in a news interview that none of the questions have anything to do with religion or God, life after death, etc. She presents two possible theories why.

1. The aliens assumed that no advanced race would still be caught up in religious superstition.
2. Maybe the existence of God or Gods is so blindingly obvious to them that they didn’t bother wasting questions about it.

An interesting idea. I would argue that even if untrue, religion would be a byproduct of high intelligence. If there is a God or Gods than religion is almost certainly a byproduct of that truth.

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