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Universal healthcare

There is a simple reason why universal healthcare inevitably ends up collapsing under its own growth, like a fat man who can no longer fit out of his house.

In the real world it just doesn’t work.

Universal health care has a basic and fatal flaw, you can’t simultaneously reduce the cost of a service and increase access to it. If you have universal access, you have to find a way of paying for people to get that access, which raises costs. If you want to keep costs down you can only economize so far before you have to restrict access. Universal health care is a bit like a perpetual motion machine—it would be wonderful in theory, but it can’t actually exist in reality.

If implemented here in the US it would work great! For a while… eventually, as with nearly every other scheme tried in the world, the cost would catch up to us and we would race to privatize portions of the scheme to make them more efficient.

After all, if the answer to increasing costs is to just increase the budget for the program than you automatically create the waste that is present in all other government programs. If you actually have to worry about things like staying within your budget and actually turning a profit, there is much less waste introduced.

The government should not be involved with peoples healthcare, they should stand back and supervise the system, that’s the governments job, to police services, not to administer them.

If the government is going to set the rates for a prescription drug after 100’s of millions of dollars have been spent developing it and weaving it through a decades long approval process, the result will be no incentive to provide new drugs. The same is true for all new tests and treatments, why develop them if its going to take 25 years to recoup expenses?

From world hunger to how to unclog a pipe, the solution is always find a way to turn a profit fixing it.

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