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Don’t Ask Don’t Tell won’t cause disruptions…

It seems that the only part of the pentagon report any news organization wants to report is the part that concludes 70% of the force foresees no disruptions should the statute be repealed.

The problem with this reporting is, that while perfectly true, 60% of the combat forces think it will cause disruptions. While the opinions of those who work in the supply room are certainly valuable, the effect on combat effectiveness is the issue we should be worried about.

If our combat forces are possibly to be adversely affected, than more care is warranted in any eventual repeal or relaxing of the statute.

I search in vain to find a right to personal expression in the military. Something that is routinely denied to service members, for good reason, while on active duty. Is the expression of ones sexual preference a good reason to risk the effectiveness of our combat forces?

60% say it will cause disruptions. That is the group that should be looked at, because even if the overall force is not affected the combat forces carry the bulk of the responsibility to get the job done. Repeal could be enacted for non-combat forces with little harm to effectiveness but should be left in place for combat units, until such a time as it can be guaranteed that no disruption will be seen or felt.

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